Whilst all Quuu content is rigorously checked to make sure that it matches our quality criteria, sometimes a piece may not be appropriate for your social feed for some reason (these are just suggestions after all!). There are a few things that you can do to filter out content that doesn't quite fit.

If using a third party scheduler (Buffer or Hubspot)

Both Pro & Business plans allow you to manually choose which content suggestions you want sent to your scheduler. To do so first enter the 'Settings' tab, then go to 'Your Settings', once you have scrolled down you should see these options: 

If the 'Manually Select Quuu Hand-Curated Content' button is grey, the option to manually select your content is turned off and your content will automatically be sent to your scheduler each day. This is the default option. If, however, it is purple then you will be able to choose which content is sent to your scheduler each morning.

Back on the dashboard your suggestions will now look like this, with the tick sending the content to your scheduler and the cross removing it altogether:

When choosing to manually select content, it is important that you remember to check in each day, if you don't ok content then you won't have anything on your feed! (NB: Third party schedulers are only available to old users. We removed the option for new users to have greater control over things going wrong and create a smoother user experience)

If using Quuu's own scheduler

Our own scheduler can either be used in the same manner as the third party options or in its own unique way.

If you have our scheduler on manual, all of your daily content suggestions are placed into the Content Library on the right hand side of the dashboard. Here, if you want a piece of content scheduled simply drag it into a time slot. If you don't want to use a piece of content don't schedule it and the next day you will receive new suggestions from which to choose!

For a more in depth explanation see here:

We hope you can use these ideas to get even more customisation on your social feed and get the most out of Quuu.

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