Did you know that on our paid plans you can Manually Approve Suggestions from within Quuu!

What this means is that if you weren't a fan of your content suggestions posting automatically to social media, you now have the control that you need to manage your content. 

You can turn this option on by going into Settings, here you'll find 'Manually Select Quuu Hand-Curated Content'.
All you need to do is just click that button on.

Each day you can log into Quuu go into your Content Library and click on Unscheduled Content Suggestions.
You now have to do this for each profile

From here you'll be able to see all your of content suggestions pending, and you can decide whether or not to add to your posting schedule, edit or remove the suggestion.

If you do want to schedule the post, just drag and drop your suggestion into place:

If you don't check in one day, those same content suggestions will still be there waiting for you the next day, and so on! 

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