We hand pick the very best content at Quuu but sometimes a certain article might not be suitable for your feed. If you would like to manually control which articles are posted to your feed you can do so via your scheduler of choice (Buffer or HubSpot). Here you can delete, and edit, individual posts before they are posted to your social profiles.

Alternatively, upgrading to Quuu’s Ultra or Entrepreneur plans will allow you to edit or delete posts through Quuu. Once upgraded, go to the settings button on the Quuu app (represented by three small cogs), scroll down to ‘app settings’ and click the switch to ‘Manually Select Quuu Hand-Curated Content?’. Now, everyday you will be able to select whether or not you receive certain posts by clicking ‘approve & send’ or ‘skip suggestion’ on the Profiles page. Don’t forget to check in each day, if you leave it a few days you won’t lose your content suggestions, but they’ll pile up quickly and we recommend posting consistently each day!

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