Did you know that on our scheduler you can easily recycle your social media posts and Quuu suggestions?

This means that you no longer need to manually load your social updates into various scheduling tools over and over again! 

With this new feature in Quuu you only have to do it once!

Recycling your own content:

You can now effortlessly recycle blog content, status updates, videos etc. It's super simple and will save you so much time!

1) Start by clicking on What would you like to share?

Create the post that you would like to share.

2) Now it's time for the exciting part, organising the post for future resharing! 

Mark it to recycle by clicking the leaf icon.

3) Now you can set up the parameters for the post.

  • Do you want the post to expire on a certain date?
  • How many times do you want it to post, and over how many months?

4) Create a unique share text for each version

In order to avoid repetition on your feed, when you mark a post as evergreen, you'll need to create a different version of text for each future share.

5) Never lose track of your content again

And make sure to write a tag so that it's easier to find later - it will then be saved in your Content Library under that tag (see below for more information).

6) Once you've finished just Add to Quuu.

To view the  post in your Content Library. Click on the custom tag that you set

You can even click on the post within your posting schedule and see the times that Quuu has automatically scheduled for it!

On top of that you can click on the leaf icon in your posting schedule, to quickly generate an evergreen post

Recycling Quuu's suggestions:

It's pretty much the same process as mentioned above, just click on the suggestion you would like to recycle and follow the steps. 

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