Who can do this?

Regardless of what plan you are currently on, you are always able to edit or remove any content suggestions that are not quite right from within your Buffer account (as long as it's not already been scheduled and posted). Additionally, if you use HubSpot as your scheduler, then you will have a drafts folder (on HubSpot) which will hold your content until you've approved it.

However, if you'd like to be able to do this from Quuu, and ensure that nothing is pushed to your scheduler and posted without your prior approval, then you need to check out our Ultra and Entrepreneur Plans, as these are the only plans that possess this cool feature.

You can trial either of these plans, free, for 14 days to see if they work better for you - check it out!

How do I do this?

If you're already on one of these plans then you can switch this on in your Settings Page.

Doing this will automatically push content suggestions to your Accounts dashboard ready for approval (as long as you've not yet received your content suggestions for the day).

How to use it

If you visit your Accounts Dashboard you'll now see the following layout:

You simply have to select the profile on the left, and the content suggestions for that profile will show up on the right.

As you can see, under Today's Suggestions there are 6 new posts awaiting approval, how exciting (I spent no time having to find these, and they've all been hand-reviewed just for me... you guys at Quuu are awesome!) :-)

On each suggestion you have 4 options.



Approve & Send

Skip Suggestion

View - allows you to open the suggestion and read it all, and see the full image. The thumbnail will only show a section of the image each time.

Edit - allows you to tweak the text to suit you and your audience, remove or add a different image of your own, and even change the hashtags or @usernames. The only thing you cannot change is the link. For a tweet the built in character count will alert you when you have too many characters to post to Twitter.

Approve & Send - allows you to send this content suggestion to your Scheduler of choice, in the above example it's Buffer. This will then appear below as having been sent, and it will appear in your scheduler's queue shortly afterwards ready to be posted to your social media profile, in line with your existing timetable. 

Skip Suggestion - allows you to reject a suggestion that's not quite hit the spot. These are, after all, merely suggestions that we're making, and we don't expect you to love every single one. But if it's not quite right you could consider making a quick edit of your own and then sending it.

PRO TIP: If you've already filled your scheduler for the day and cannot approve any more, you don't have to skip the others if you like them. Just leave them there for another day when you're short of content!

Once you have done this, you'll see your sent suggestions for the day underneath where it says: 'Suggestions sent to Buffer/HubSpot'

Check back the next day to repeat the process! However, if you miss a day or two, or even more, don't worry your content will still be there waiting for you. But remember you can only add up to so many per day depending on your Quuu Plan.

We hope this saves you hours each day finding, approving and scheduling relevant and quality content!

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