Who can do it?

Anyone who is on the Ultra or Entrepreneur Plan can assign interests to specific social profiles. Otherwise your content suggestions will be spread across the social platforms at random from your chosen interests.

How do I do it?

If you are on the Ultra or Entrepreneur Plan you can visit your Accounts Dashboard and simply click 'Manage Profiles':

OR clicking 'Edit' in the bottom right of your Accounts dashboard under Account Setting will also work:

This will then take you to the following screen:

As the prompt above says: "Now you can customise the number of posts and interest categories for each social profile below"

In order to do so simply click 'edit' next the corresponding part that you'd wish to change for each social profile.

So for example, if you wanted to only send information about Business Strategy to your LinkedIn account, but were happy to post about a wider variety of topics on Twitter, then you could simply go ahead and click the 'edit' button alongside your LinkedIn profile next to where it says 'X categories selected' and then you'll be prompted to add or remove the categories before saving the new settings.

Customise which interests categories you'd like suggestions from for this social profile

 Confirm the number of posts now you've changed the interest categories

Check that it's right and save it

If you'd like to do the same for the other social profiles that you have connected then simply repeat the process!

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