Keeping a consistent presence is vital to a successful social media strategy. We've put together 4 ideas you can use to squeeze the most out of your scheduler.

Create your own post

Having such a large selection of content to choose from, you may not even think to create your own social posts. But not doing so means missing out on a large part of the scheduler's function. At Quuu for example we use the scheduler to schedule out Tweets for our fortnightly #qchat, but there are a multitude of other ways you could use it too. From posting your thoughts on a current topic to sending a message on a relevant public holiday, creating your own posts allows you to build a dynamic social presence.

Use the evergreen feature

Found a piece of content your followers will be interested in throughout the year? The evergreen feature will allow you to frequently post it at intervals of your choosing. Find a post, pick how often you want it sent, and within which time period, and send!

Add a tag to your evergreen content so you can easily find it in your Content Library to add at your discretion.

Check your Quuu Collections

Content will leave your 'Recently Suggested Content' once you have used it, but it will then stay in your 'Content Library' for 60 days from when it was first suggested to you. Our content is not time sensitive, so reuse old posts to keep your scheduler packed!

Change which categories you have selected

Quuu has hundreds of categories to select from, so if you want to try out content from other categories simply switch over. The morning after you switch you'll receive content suggestions from your new categories.

These are the four tips that we've come up with to help make sure that you have a social campaign that is both continual as well as personal. Let us know if these help or if you have any ideas of your own!

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