As you may have already heard, Twitter recently announced some important changes to how applications use the Twitter API and how users post to the platform. 

So we wanted to let you know how this changes the way you use Quuu going forward.

If you want to dig deep into what's changing please check out our recent post about it here.

To sum it up briefly: 

Posting duplicate content across a single account or multiple accounts is now forbidden. As Quuu provides automated content suggestions that get added to your schedule each day, we are forced to stop doing this.

From now on we'll add suggestions to your content library where you'll need to add to your schedule manually alongside your own scheduled content. 

There are some serious benefits to this change, which we'll get to shortly. 

But there is no need to worry, it's still super easy for you to receive Quuu's great suggestions.


Start by clicking on the profile you want to schedule content to within Quuu.

Then go across to your Content Library and click on Recently Suggested Content:
This is where your content suggestions will appear from now on

To add the post to your posting schedule, just drag and drop!

Another policy change is how applications post content on the user's behalf, so this means when you add a suggestion from Quuu to your schedule, you'll need to create your own share text. We will provide a helpful "Suggested text" area but you won't be able to copy exactly.

This is one of the benefits to the change, as you share content from Quuu, you'll be sharing unique content for your followers providing a more on-brand and on-voice experience.

Note: Make sure that you also include the URL

Then just click Add to Quuu and your post will go out at your scheduled time.


We have also implemented some restrictions in app to help you stay in-line with the new Twitter policy. You can read about our new Responsible Automation Policy here

Evergreen content will also change going forward. When you mark a post as evergreen, you'll need to create a different version of text for each share in the future. Again, this really can only be seen as a positive change. 

We encourage policy changes like this because it means we'll all benefit from more unique and engaging content going forward. We will continue to provide the very best hand-curated content for the foreseeable future.

If you have any further questions, please do reach out to the team. 

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