Facebook recently updated their terms and conditions, meaning that schedulers are not allowed to automatically send suggestions to profiles or pages. 

You can read more about Facebook's policy here

But there is no need to worry, it's still super easy for you to receive Quuu's great suggestions. 

Quuu will no longer automatically schedule content into your timeline, so all you have to do now is click on your Facebook profile within Quuu.

Go across to your Content Library and click on Unscheduled Content Suggestions

Then you can easily drag and drop your suggestions into your posting schedule:

Customise the share text yourself before posting, maybe even ask questions relating to the article to generate discussion (which, in turn, will hopefully create more engagement).
Note: Make sure that you also include the URL

Then just click Add to Quuu and your post will go out at your scheduled time.

Be human, be you, but still use Quuu :)

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