Here at Quuu we do two things to get the ball rolling. Firstly, we curate the best articles from all over the web, searching well known websites such as Forbes and The Washington Post, all the way down to the smallest blogs. If it’s got value, we want it. 

To complement this we accept articles through Quuu Promote which are strictly reviewed to make sure that they fit our stringent guidelines. This is a constant process and we are always looking for new content.

All of this content is divided into hundreds of categories, which are then available for you to cherry pick to suit your social media needs. Simply subscribe to one of our plans, ranging from ‘Free’ to ‘Entrepreneur’, and connect to an external scheduler such as Buffer or Hubspot. Quuu will then automatically (if you wish) send content to your social media profiles of choice (via Buffer). All posts will be optimised to give them the most amount of traction and exposure.

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