Since day one of Quuu the volume of content was always going to be one of the key factors in whether or not we'd be able to survive as a company. We do our very best, and we've sent well over 10 million content suggestions since we launched in late 2015. 

But as we welcome more and more users from around the world, with wider ranging interests and demands, we have to up our game day-in day-out! 

So if you've ever ran out of content with us, we apologise sincerely!! But here's what we intend to do about it in the short term:

  1. We are starting to hire dedicated curation staff, whose sole job it is, to scan the web for epic, quality, relevant, Quuu worthy content to add as suggestions. This allows us to hone in on specific categories in need of more content.
  2. We are putting our King Geek to the task of developing some back-end wizardry that allows us to see in advance exactly which categories are most in need of fresh content, this will then provide a clear focus for our content curation team.
  3. We have Lucia, our Quuumunity Marketing Manager on the case finding new Quuurators to provide the very best content available in their area for our users to share (the whole team are usually on the lookout too).
  4. Every member of the Quuu Content Team commits at least 2 hours a day to curating content (as well as our full time content curators)... as if they don't already have enough on their plates with reviewing all the content that is submitted, manning our live chat, contributing to marketing discussions and blogging!! Jeez :-)

Rest assured that we are working our socks off, pulling them up, and putting our skates on simultaneously, which is not an easy task... But it's all worth it to ensure that you guys can depend on us for your content needs each day.

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