Quuu has two sets of plans from which to choose:

  • Pro
  • Business


Pro is primarily for personal use. On Pro you receive up to 6 content suggestions per day. You can send content to up to 10 social profiles, meaning you can have all of your social platforms catered for with high-quality hand-curated content. We support the following:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Twitter Profile

On this plan you are also able to manually approve all of your suggestions each day through our app before they are sent to third party schedulers.


The Small Business plan gives you access to everything that you receive with the Pro plan but scaled up. You will have access to all of our interest categories (instead of 10) so each member of your team can pick & choose according to their individual needs. As well as that the amount of social profiles is increased to 100.

If you need more information or want to sign up please visit: https://www.quuu.co

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