The plans on Quuu were designed to provide increasing levels of control and customisation over your content curation strategy.

Free Plan

We wanted all our users to be able to just log right in and get using Quuu without any barrier, so we created the free plan which enables anyone to receive up to 2 free content suggestions per day across a maximum of 3 social profiles 

(So basically 6 content suggestions per day, which would be 2 of the same content suggestions across 3 separate social profiles).

On the free plan you can choose your content suggestions from up to 5 interest categories that are relevant to you, and more importantly, your followers.

You can stay on this plan forever without paying a penny and be saving yourself time everyday finding high quality content to share on social media.

Amazing Plan

The Amazing Plan means that you can receive up to 6 content suggestions per day, triple that of the Free Plan, also you have the flexibility to choose from up to 10 interest categories. 

Also on the Amazing Plan is the Quuu Daily Review Email, which shoots you an email every day as soon as your content suggestions have been sent to your social media scheduler (Buffer or HubSpot at the time of writing). This email allows you maximum time to go and check your suggestions for the day before they're automatically posted to social media. From your scheduler you will be able to edit or delete them if they're not quite right for you.

NB: the default setting is that if you don't act then your content suggestions will automatically be posted to social media in line with your existing social media calendar.

Ultra Plan

If the Amazing Plan wasn't quite right for you, then it's likely the Ultra Plan will float your boat. 

On the this plan you will receive up to 6 separate content suggestions per day, per profile! This means that rather than having the same content suggestions being sent to each of your social profiles each day, you will get up to 6 different ones sent to each profile every single day!! That's a lot of content :-)

What is more, on the Ultra Plan you can connect twice as many social profiles, you can have up to 6! This might be the following:

Personal Twitter
Personal LinkedIn
Personal Facebook
Facebook Page
Personal LinkedIn
Personal Google +

Each of them receiving up to 6 different hand picked content suggestions each day.

However, where the Ultra and Entrepreneur Plans get even more exciting is that you can now choose to Manually Approve Suggestions from within Quuu. What this means is that if you weren't a fan of your content suggestions posting automatically to social media, this will give you the control that you need. Each day you can log into Quuu, see all your content suggestions pending, and you can decide whether or not to send to your scheduler, edit or skip the suggestion.

If you don't check in one day, those same content suggestions will still be there waiting for you the next day, and so on.

Finally, a very popular feature of the Ultra and Entrepreneur Plans, is that you can choose to assign specific content to individual social profiles. This means that if you'd rather send content about X to your company's Facebook Page, but more content about Y to your Twitter, than you can do easily.

Entrepreneur Plan

This is exactly the same as the Ultra Plan, but you get to add up to 15 social profiles.

As you can see, the emphasis on these last two plans is an increase in control over your content, and the ability to add more and more social profiles.

For more pricing information please visit the site: 

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