The experience on mobile is a very similar one to desktop or laptop, but there is one difference to note.

When using mobile some devices do not have access to the Content Library. You can get around this one of two ways:

  1. The 'lightning button' which will generate a recently suggested piece of content into your schedule for you to edit the share text. 
  2.  The 'leaf' button which will place a piece of evergreen (content that you have marked as something you would like to use in the future) content into your scheduler (again, we ask that you edit the share text).

The 'cross' is if you would like to create your own post from scratch.

These options are great if you are out and want to quickly schedule content on the go, but for the full Quuu experience we recommend using a home computer.

We are currently working on a Quuu app, which will optimise the experience for mobile.

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